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Military Credentialing

Important Information For Active Duty Service Members, Veterans & Military Spouses


Comprehensive List of Professions regulated through the Department of Health Professions with links to the respective licensing board information.

Related Statutes under Chapter 54 of the Code of Virginia

Extension of renewal requirements for deployed military and spouses
Virginia law (§54.1-117) allows active duty service people or their spouses who are deployed outside the U.S. to have an extension of time for any requirement or fee pertaining to renewal until 60 days after the person’s return from deployment or overseas assignment.  The extension cannot last beyond 5 years past the expiration date for the license.  For more information, please read the attached policy and contact the applicable board for your license.

  • 54.1-106 Health care professionals rendering services to patients of certain clinics
  • 54.1-118 Qualifications for licensure, etc.; substantially equivalent military training
  • 54.1-119 Expediting the issuance of licenses, etc., to spouses of military service members
  • 54.1-2701 Dentistry licensure exemptions
  • 54.1-2817 Funeral service interns
  • 54.1-2930 Board of Medicine requirements for admission to examination
  • 54.1-3005 Specific powers and duties of Board of Nursing
  • 54.1-3476 Exemptions

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