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A person receiving training to become certified as a dialysis patient care technician may now practice under the provisions of House Bill 618 (Acts of the Assembly 75(2006)). This measure was signed into law and became effective on March 10, 2006. It provides for persons who are being trained to become a dialysis patient care technicians to gain the practical experience required to obtain certification. This practice may only occur as part of the training program and must be under the direct (on premises) supervision of a licensed registered nurse. Further, any person practicing under the provision of this law must be identified to the public as a "trainee" while working at the dialysis facility.

For further details, review the text of Chapter 75 (2006) of the Acts of the Assembly (HB618), provided through the following link to the General Assembly's website.

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Regulations - Regulations currently in effect for practitioners under the Board

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