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Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine
Guidance Documents

The Code of Virginia requires annual publication of lists of guidance documents from state agencies. A guidance document is defined as "...any document developed by a state agency or staff that provides information or guidance of general applicability to the staff or public to interpret or implement statutes or the agency's rules or regulations..." Agencies are required to maintain a complete, current list of all guidance documents and make the full text of such documents available to the public.

Copies of the following documents may be viewed during regular work days from 8:15 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the offices of the Department of Health Professions, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Henrico Virginia 23233-1463 . Copies may also be downloaded by clicking on the links below or from the Regulatory Townhall at or requested by email at Questions regarding implementation of these documents or requests for copies may be directed to Leslie L. Knachel, Director of the Board at the address above or by telephone at (804) 367-4468. Copies are free of charge.


76-21.2:1, Veterinary Establishment Inspection Report, Revised February 9, 2017 (Word document)

150-1 Drug recordkeeping at shared facilities, revised June 3, 2013 (Word document)

150-2 Guidance on Expanded Duties for Licensed Veterinary Technicians, revised February 19, 2015  (Word document)

150-3 Preceptorships and Externships for Veterinary Technician Students, revised December 4, 2013  (Word document)

150-4 "Chip" clinics outside approved facilities, excerpt from Board minutes of June 15, 1994, revised November 14, 2007 (Word document)

150-5 Use of compounded drugs in veterinary practice, revised July 1, 2015 (Word document)

150-6 Mobile facilities allowed to change location without an inspection, excerpt from Board minutes of December 19, 1995, revised November 14, 2007 (Word document)

150-8 Disposition of Cases Involving Practicing on an Expired License or Permit, adopted May 17, 2012, revised September 9, 2015 (Word document)

150-9 Board motion on content of a medical record, excerpt from Board minutes of February 3, 2005. revised October 22, 2015 (Word document)

150-10 Allowances to Purchase, Possess, and Administer Drugs within a Public or Private Animal Shelter, revised May 18, 2015 (Word document)

150-11 Guidance for Continuing Education (CE) Audits and Sanctioning for Failure to Complete CE, revised August 24, 2017 (Word document)

150-12 Administration of rabies vaccinations, revised December 16, 2016 (Word document)

150-13 Controlled substances in veterinary practices, revised February 16, 2016 (Word document)

150-14 Board guidance on process for delegation of informal fact-finding to an agency subordinate, revised September 2010 (Word document)

150-15 Disposition of routine inspection violations, revised July 21, 2016 (Word document)

150-16 Protocol to follow upon discovery of a loss or theft of drugs, adopted November 9, 2005, revised May 17, 2012 (Word document)

150-17 Sanctioning Reference Points Instruction Manual, revised June 2014

150-18 Bylaws, revised February 19, 2014 (Word document)

150-19 Position on Delegation of Dental Polishing and Scaling, adopted October 17, 2012 (Word document)

150-20 Delegation of Duties to an Unlicensed Assistant, adopted June 3, 2013 (Word document)

150-21 Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care, adopted June 3, 2013 (Word document)

150-22 Veterinarians and Wildlife Rehabilitation - Prescription Drugs, adopted October 22, 2014 (Word document)

150-23 Disposal of deceased animals, adopted February 9, 2017 (Word document)

150-24 Processing Applications for Licensure, adopted July 21, 2016 (Word document)