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In accordance with Section 54.1-2400.2 F of the Code of Virginia the Department makes available Notices and Orders. Please carefully read the following.

A notice (sometimes including a Statement of Particulars) advises a practitioner of the scheduling of a proceeding and contains a statement of charges that have not, as of that point in time, been proven. A board or its representative will meet with the named practitioner to discuss these charges and make a decision. After the meeting, the Board may decide to exonerate the practitioner or dismiss the charges. Or, the Board may decide that some or all of the charges are proven and a violation of law or regulation occurred. If the evidence supports a violation, the Board may take action against the practitioner. Until an order is issued that contains findings about these charges, they are not proven.

An order is a document issued by a health regulatory board or the Department indicating decision that a practitioner is or is not in violation of law or regulation. Sometimes an order may be issued that deals with the application for or reinstatement of a license. Typically, an order resolves the allegations in a notice, and contains findings of fact and conclusions of law. It may impose a sanction or require some action by the practitioner. In some cases, the decision is to dismiss the allegations in the notice and such a decision is usually stated in a letter. Therefore, an order may or may not make any adverse findings. The order documents the end of the matter (unless it is appealed to a court) and typically represents the final decision in the matter.

With the exception of notices and orders, any reports, information or records received and maintained by any health regulatory board in connection with possible disciplinary proceedings, including any material received or developed by a board during an investigation or proceeding, are strictly confidential in accordance with specific provisions of Section 54.1-2400.2 of the Code of Virginia.