Applying for a license by endorsement is significantly different from applying for a license through the traditional pathway.  To be eligible for licensure by endorsement, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Hold at least one current, unrestricted license in a United States jurisdiction or Canada for the five years immediately preceding application to the board;
  2. Have been engaged in active practice, defined as an average of 20 hours per week or 640 hours per year, for five years after postgraduate training and immediately preceding application;
  3. Verify that all licenses held in another United States jurisdiction or in Canada are in good standing, defined as current and unrestricted, or if lapsed, eligible for renewal or reinstatement;
  4. Hold current certification by one of the following:
    1.  American Board of Medical Specialties;
    2. Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists;
    3. American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery;
    4. Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians of Canada;
    5. Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada; or
    6. College of Family Physicians of Canada;
  5. Submit a current report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Practitioner Data Bank; and
  6. Have no grounds for denial based on provisions of §54.1-2915 of the Code of Virginia or Regulations of the board.

BASED ON #1 above, you must have held a license in one state continuously for 5 years immediately prior to applying for licensure by endorsement

BASED ON #2 above, licensure by endorsement is not available to a physician with less than 5 years of practice after finishing all Postgraduate training, be it an internship, a residency, or a fellowship.

BASED ON #6 above, if you have any “YES” answers for questions 4-17, you are not eligible for licensure by endorsement and must apply through the traditional pathway.*

If you do not meet the criteria, you must apply through the traditional pathway by going back to the application page.  


If you believe you meet the criteria for licensure by endorsement, then finish reading these instructions prior to proceeding to the application.  However, if the Board deems any of the required criteria unmet, your application will be routed to the traditional pathway, which requires significantly more supporting documentation and takes significantly more time.

Application fees are nonrefundable, including if you wish to withdraw your application for any reason

To begin the application process you will register, then login and begin an Initial Application. When you begin your Initial Application select Endorsement as your Obtained by Method if you meet the above criteria.

Begin the online application process.