Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators
Frequently Asked Questions - Assisted Living Facility Administrators

Licensure for Assisted Living Facility Administrators:

1. What are the qualifications for licensure as an Assisted Living Facility Administrator?

There are three routes for licensure: (1) Education – AIT Training Program, Certificate Program or Degree & Practical Experience, (2) Endorsement, or (3) Credentials. Refer to Regulation 18 VAC 95-30-100.

Applicants also need to hold a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED) and receive a passing grade on the national examination administered by NAB.

A current Virginia licensed Nursing Home Administrator may engage in the administration of an assisted living facility. Refer to Regulation 18 VAC 95-30-50.

2. What are the steps for licensure?

For applicants who are applying by credentials or who have already completed an Administrator-In-Training (AIT) Program:

Step 1: Submit Assisted Living Facility Administrator application, fee, and any additional required documentation. The Board will notify you when step 1 is complete.

Step 2: After receiving notification from the Board, register with NAB to take the National Exam.

Step 3: The Board will notify NAB that you have applied and are eligible to take the exam. NAB will notify you to pick a testing location and date.

Step 4: Take the national exam. NAB reports test results back to the Board on a routine basis. Once the Board records the results, the results will be released, and NAB will notify you on how to obtain your scores.

Step 5: After passing the exam, a license will be issued and mailed to you by the Board within 30 days. You can find real-time verification of your license on the DHP License Lookup page.

3. Do you offer licensure by endorsement?

Yes, the Board may issue a license to any person who holds a current, unrestricted license from any state or the District of Columbia, have been engaged in active practice as an assisted living administrator, or have education and experience equivalent to qualifications for initial licensure and pass the national exam. The Board requires written verification from all states where licensure has been held, whether current or expired. The Board also requires written employment verification. "Active practice" means a minimum of 1,000 hours of practice as an assisted living facility administrator within the preceding 24 months.

4. How long does my licensure application remain on file?

An incomplete package shall be retained by the Board for one year, after which time the application shall be destroyed, and a new application and fee will be required.

5. What are the qualifications to apply for an AIT program?

To be approved as an Administrator-in-Training, a person shall:

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

1. How do I obtain a National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) self-report?

Applicants for licensure require a current report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

This requirement applies to all applications received on or after July 16, 2015, for licensure as an Administrator or Preceptor for both Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility professions. This also includes anyone applying for reinstatement of their license and licensure by endorsement.

Anyone applying for registration as an Administrator-in-Training (AIT) will not be required to submit the NPDB report.

This is not a requirement for the renewal of your license.

Once you receive the report, please forward a copy to the Board by email or include it with your application supporting documentation.


1. What is required to be scheduled for the national examination?

A completed Assisted Living Facility Administrator Licensure application is required before an applicant can be approved to take the national exam through NAB.

2. Is there a state exam required for licensure?

There is no state exam requirement.

3. How many times can I sit for the RC/AL exam?

Candidates may take the RC/AL up to three times in a 12-month period from the initial test date.

4. How many times can I sit for the CORE exam?

Candidates may take the CORE exam up to four times in a 12-month period from the initial test date.

5. What information is included in the NAB exams?

The NAB Exam Candidate Handbook is an important resource for candidates preparing to take the exam(s). The Handbook includes an overview of the registration and testing process and the structure of the exams, as well as links to resources and information.

A NAB Study Guide is also available for those preparing for their exam(s).

6. Is there a specific time frame for taking the exam(s)?

Examinations must be scheduled and completed within a 60-day window from receiving NAB's Authorization to Test email.


1. When are licenses renewed?

Licensees must renewal their license by March 31 each year by going to Online Licensing and entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) number provided on the renewal form.

2. I am an active duty serviceperson that missed my renewal because of deployment outside of the United States.  Is there an extension for renewal?

An extension of time for active duty servicemen and spouses is permitted. The DHP policy allows a licensee to make arrangements as necessary to ensure that persons serving on active duty as a member of the military or in Foreign Service outside the United States or their spouses are accorded the benefit of an extension of time for any deadline or requirement pertaining to the renewal of a license, certification or registration. Extensions should be granted for at least 60 days after the person's return to the United States, not to exceed five years from the date of expiration.

Requirements for Active-Duty Extension of Renewal: A Copy of Military Orders or form DD214 placing the licensee on active duty outside the United States is considered sufficient documentation to determine eligibility. A request for the extension of renewal fee/continuing education should include the projected return date to the United States.

3. Do I need to notify the Board if I choose not to renew my license, or retire from my profession?

No, your license will automatically expire if not renewed by the deadline. You do not need to notify the Board in any way.

Continuing Education:

1. How many hours of continuing education are required to renew?

Licensees are required to obtain 20 hours of approved education for each renewal year. Up to 10 of the 20 hours may be obtained through internet or self-study courses, and up to 10 continuing education hours in excess of the number required may be transferred or credited to the next renewal year.

Effective December 21, 2022, at least two hours of continuing education for each renewal year shall relate to the care of residents with mental or cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Effective December 21, 2022, If you are the preceptor of an approved AIT program, you can earn additional hours towards continuing education for your active service for each renewal year. Please review the Preceptor FAQs for more information.

2. What continuing education courses are accepted?

For a continuing education course to be approved by the Board, it shall be related to health care administration and shall be approved by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long Term Care Administrators (NAB), an accredited institution, government agency, or as set forth in the Regulations.

3. Are there any exemptions or extensions for obtaining continuing education?

The Board may grant an extension of up to one year or an exemption for all or part of the continuing education requirements due to circumstances beyond the administrator's control, such as certified illness, temporary disability, mandatory military service, or official disasters. The request for an extension shall be received in writing and granted by the Board prior to the renewal date.

4. How long do licensees maintain their continuing education documentation?

Licensees shall retain in their personal files for a period of three renewal years complete documentation of continuing education, including evidence of attendance or participation as provided by the approved sponsor for each course taken. For further information, refer to 18 VAC 95-30-70 of the Regulations.


1. How do you reinstate an Assisted Living Facility Administrator’s license?

You should submit the Assisted Living Facility Administrator (ALFA) license reinstatement application, the reinstatement fee, and provide one of the following:

(1) Evidence of the equivalent of 20 hours of continuing education for each year since the last renewal, not to exceed a total of 60 hours

2) Evidence of active practice in another or U.S. jurisdiction or in the U.S. armed services during the period licensure in Virginia was lapsed; or

(3) Evidence of requalifying for licensure by meeting the requirements prescribed in 18 VAC 95-30-100 or 18 VAC 95-30-110.

2. How do you reinstate a preceptor’s license?

You should submit the Preceptor Reinstatement Application, the reinstatement fee, and meet the current requirements for a preceptor in effect at the time of application for reinstatement.

Name/Address Change:

1. How do you notify the board office of an address or name change?

All address changes must be in writing. You may use the Name and Address Change Form to submit your request. The completed form may be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the board office. Address changes can also be made online by going to Online Licensing.

Name changes must be submitted in writing and include legal documentation such as a court order, marriage license, or divorce decree. Name changes may also be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the board office.

2. How do I obtain a duplicate copy of my license?

To obtain a duplicate license, submit a written request and the required fee. Licensees may also request a duplicate license by going to Online Licensing.

Verification of License:

How can I have my license verified to another state?

Effective November 1, 2019, the Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators implemented an electronic process for Verifications of Licensure. The Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators electronically sends the Verification of Licensure with available public information to the jurisdiction you designate.

To request an electronic verification of licensure to be sent to another licensing jurisdiction, please submit a complete Request for Verification of Virginia Long-Term Care Administrators License form and the required fee.

Allow five to seven business days for processing. The Board verifies the profession, license number, issue date, expiration date, how the licensee obtained Virginia licensure, and if there have been any disciplinary actions.

Verifications received without the required fee will not be processed.

Mail your request and fee to:
Board of Long-Term Care Administrators
Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Henrico, Virginia 23233-1463

You may also verify licensure information online using License Lookup, which provides current, primary source verification of licensure.