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Board of Long-Term Care Administrators

Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Henrico Virginia 23233-1463
Directions to the Board 

Phone: (804) 367-4595
Fax: (804) 527-4413
Complaints: (800) 533-1560

License Verification

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:15 to 5:00
except Holidays

Healthcare Occupational Roadmap

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Healthcare Occupational Roadmap: An Exciting Career in Healthcare Awaits

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Human Trafficking in Virginia
Get information about human trafficking, resources for victims, and reporting of a suspicion of trafficking.

Military Credentialing
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For Active Duty Service Members, Veterans & Military Spouses

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Online applications are now available for Administrators,
Administrators-in-Training (AITs), and Preceptors!
Apply here.

Opioid Addiction Crisis Declared a Public Health Emergency in Virginia

On November 21, 2016 Governor McAuliffe issued a News Release stating that State Health Commissioner Marissa Levine has declared Virginia’s opioid abuse crisis a Public Health Emergency in the Commonwealth.

Visit the Virginia Department of Health for more information.
Download Commissioner Levine’s message to healthcare practitioners on dispensing Naloxone.

2017 Spring Break Zika Awareness Toolkit

Image of Asian tiger mosquito. Zika. www.ZikaVA.orgPrimarily a mosquito borne disease, the Zika virus is most impactful in warmer seasons when illness can be transmitted by insects carrying the virus from one person to another. Maintaining a keen awareness for the transmission and treatment of Zika virus infection is an imperative for healthcare practitioners.

Along with their Zika Virus information page, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) now offers a Spring Break Toolkit featuring printable infographics and online resources to help Virginians spread Zika awareness on social media.



Attention Exam Candidates and Prospective Examinees: In July 2017, NAB will transition its examinations to a new structure: examinees will need to pass a 100-item Core of Knowledge exam and a 50-item line of service exam. Please be advised that there will be a brief “blackout” period during this transition, in which no NAB exams will be administered. Please click here to view the new exam structure timeline.

NAB has released a Handbook for Exam Candidates that reflects the new exam structure. There is now a single handbook, covering the core exam and all line of service exam modules, instead of two separate handbooks covering NHA and RCAL (Assisted Living). The new handbook can be accessed here on NAB’s website.

The 2017 National Emerging Leadership Summit is being held June 20 - 22, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Please click here for more information.

New AIT and Preceptor Training Programs Launched by NAB and ACHCA

On November 21, 2016, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) introduced two new training programs:  the Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Program and the Preceptor Program.  Click here to read the press release from NAB.

For more information on these new programs click here.

Licensure Verification and Change of Name/Address Information

Please click here for information on how to request a verification of licensure.

Please click here for information on how to change your address or make a name change.

New Law effective July 16, 2015:

All initial applications for licensure will require a current report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

This requirement applies to all applications received on or after July 16, 2015 for licensure as an Administrator or Preceptor for both Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Professions. This also includes anyone applying for Reinstatement of their license and licensure by Endorsement.

Anyone applying for an Administrator in Training Program Registration will not be required to submit the NPDB report.

This is not a requirement for renewal of your license.

Instructions on how to obtain a self-report from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB):

  • You request the Self Query report through their website at:
  • There is a small processing fee (currently $5.00) that must be paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) to NPDB. They do not accept cash or checks.
  • Once you receive the report, please forward a copy to the board by fax, email or include with your application.

E-mail:             Fax #: 804-527-4413

AIT Preceptor Development Work Group

Click here for an update on the AIT Preceptor Development Work Group.

Drug Disposal

Drug Disposal Fact Sheets from the DEA - Office of Diversion Control

Healthcare Workforce Data Findings

Click here to view workforce reports for Nursing Home Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Administrators.

Voluntary Preceptor Directory

The Board understands that finding a licensed Preceptor can be difficult for someone trying to complete the Administrator in Training Program. Due to privacy laws, we are unable to provide contact information without the permission of the licensee. Below is a list of licensed Preceptors who volunteered to list their information in a public directory.

Please note that this information is only as current as the licensee provides to the board. Their contact information may change without notifying the board. The Preceptor may also have reasons for not being able to Precept during the time you are requesting.

Please click on the following link for the list of Preceptors:  Preceptor Directory

New Law: A new law became effective on July 1, 2011 requiring an Assisted Living Facility to immediately notify the Board of Long Term Care Administrators and the regional licensing office of the Department of Social Services if their licensed ALF administrator dies, resigns, is discharged, or becomes unable to perform his duties.

The facility must immediately employ a licensed administrator or appoint an acting administrator who is qualified by education for an approved AIT program and has a minimum of one year of administrative or supervisory experience in a health care or long-term care facility, or has completed such a program and is awaiting licensure.

The facility shall give immediate notice to the regional licensing office of the Department of Social Services and to the Board of Long-Term Care Administrators and shall provide the last date of employment of the licensed administrator.

If an acting administrator is named, he shall notify the Department of Social Services of his employment and, if intending to assume the position permanently, submit a completed application for an approved AIT program to the Board of Long Term Care Administrators within 10 days of employment.

An Assisted living facility may be operated by an acting administrator for not more than 150 days, or not more than 90 days if the acting administrator has not applied for licensure.

The Department of Social Services may grant a thirty day extension if the acting administrator has applied for licensure, has completed the AIT program, has taken and is awaiting the results of the national examination. In no case shall an ALF be operated with an acting administrator for more than 180 days, including the 30 day extension.

No ALF shall operate under the supervision of an acting administrator more than one time during any two year period unless specifically authorized by the Department of Social Services.

The Board of Long Term Care has a designated application for the “Acting” AIT Applicants. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an official approval letter and certificate that will specify the 150 day expiration date. All applications can be found on our website on our Forms & Applications page

Please refer to the full text in the Code of Virginia, Section 54.1-3103.1.  The Board is required to promulgate new regulations relating to the oversight of the acting administrator and has initiated the process.

Extension of renewal requirements for deployed military and spouses

Virginia law allows active duty service people or their spouses who are deployed outside the U.S. to have an extension of time for any requirement or fee pertaining to renewal until 60 days after the person’s return from deployment.  The extension cannot last beyond 5 years past the expiration date for the license.  For more information, please read attached policy and contact the applicable board for your license.

The Board of Long-Term Care Administrators would like to remind facilities of the following requirement:

§ 54.1-3103. Administrator required for operation of nursing home; operation after death, illness, etc., of administrator; notification of Board.

All licensed nursing homes within the Commonwealth shall be under the supervision of an administrator licensed by the Board. If a licensed nursing home administrator dies, becomes ill, resigns or is discharged, the nursing home that was administered by him at the time of his death, illness, resignation or discharge may continue to operate until his successor qualifies, but in no case for longer than is permitted by the licensing authority for the nursing home. The temporary supervisor or administrator shall immediately notify the Board of Long-Term Care Administrators and the Commissioner of Health that the nursing home is operating without the supervision of a licensed nursing home administrator.

Public Health Information

Important Public Health Information from the Department of Health

Online Licensing - Licensees can now renew a license, change an address and request a duplicate license online.

Duty to Report Adult Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation - More information...
The Adult Protective Services Program at the Virginia Department of Social Services is pleased to announce the availability of a new online educational opportunity for mandated reporters of abuse, neglect and exploitation of older or incapacitated individuals. This online training course has been developed for, and with the assistance of, mandated reporters and APS professionals to assist mandated reporters in understanding adult abuse and their responsibilities as mandated reporters. Read More...(word .doc)

Applications & Forms

Download the available forms and applications from the Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators.

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Laws and Regulations Governing Long-Term Care Administrators 

Laws Governing All Health Professions

Board Members, Meetings and Minutes

View the current Members of the Board of Long-Term Care Administrators.

View the Calendar of upcoming Board meetings and minutes from past Board meetings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Guidance Documents

View and download the list of available guidance documents from the Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators. These documents provide information or guidance to the public to interpret or implement statutes or the agency's rules or regulations.


Need a copy of the Board of Long-Term Care Administrator's newsletter?  Click here to get your copy.

Regulatory Town Hall

The Virginia Department of Planning & Budget has designed a Regulatory Town Hall for anyone interested in the proposal of regulations or meetings of regulatory boards.