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Temporary Nurse Aides to Certified Nurse Aides (‘TNA2CNA’)

Published on Apr 13, 2021

Updated 8/16/2021

Effective August 10, 2021, legislative action taken by the General Assembly during the Special Session II 2021 (HB 7001 'Budget Bill'), resumed authorization for Temporary Nurse Aides (TNA) practicing in long term care facilities under the active federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) CMS Waiver 1135 to be deemed eligible by the Virginia Board of Nursing (VBON) to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination. To be considered for the NNAAP, the TNA must first complete an application through PearsonVUE and the employer must provide written verification (Attestation) of competency and employment as a TNA.

Important points to consider for TNAs that are considering applying for and taking the NNAAP:

This provision will be in effect until the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) CMS Waiver 1135 expires. Accordingly, the VBON can only act on fully completed applications and provide deemed eligibility to test while the PHE CMS Waiver 1135 remains in effect. An overview of the TNA2CNA process is outlined below:

  • Employer must provide an Attestation to the VBON stating the TNA has been deemed competent and is working at their facility as a TNA.
  • If the candidate is unsuccessful on the exam, pursuant to regulation, three (3) attempts are permitted in an effort to become successful. If the applicant is not successful in 3 attempts on the exam or after expiration of PHE CMS Waiver 1135 prior to success on the exam the TNA application will expire and no further testing will be permitted for the TNA.
  • The facility may consider purchasing vouchers through PearsonVUE for the TNA to take the NNAAP. Vouchers expire 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • The candidate handbook provides information regarding the test and will assist in increasing the TNAs awareness of what to expect during testing.
  • The program code for the TNA2CNA applicants is for use by facility administrators and Directors of Nursing only.
  • The VBON resumed accepting TNA applications after August 10, 2021.

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Virginia Board of Nursing
Jay P. Douglas, MSM, RN, CSAC, FRE, Executive Director
Marie Gerardo, MS, RN, ANP-BC, President