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Address of Record vs. Public Address

Published on Jul 16, 2019

The 2009 session of the General Assembly passed SB1282 (Acts of Assembly Chapter 687) regarding the collection of addresses from health professionals. Section 54.1-2400.02.B of the Code of Virginia (Code) requires the Department of Health Professions (DHP) to collect an official address of record from each health professional licensed, registered, or certified by a health regulatory board within the department. The official address of record is to be used by DHP for agency purposes and otherwise remain confidential.

In addition, § 54.1-2400.02.C requires DHP to provide an opportunity for a health professional to provide a second address for the purpose of public dissemination. If there is no public address provided, the official address of record will be used as the public address for the purpose of public dissemination. If the health professional would prefer that his/her address of record remain confidential, then an alternative public address must be provided to DHP. When a public address is not provided, the official address of record will be used as the public address and may at certain times be disclosed. (Note: the License Lookup feature on the DHP public website does not contain the full address of the health professional. However, public addresses are available by contacting Virginia Interactive Premium Service.) An individual is not required to submit a place of residence for either the official address of record or the public address. A post office box or a practice location is acceptable.

Changes to either address may be made at the time of renewal, at any time by written notification to the Board, or at any time by accessing your licensure information through the online system. Any change that is made to one of the addresses does not automatically update the other address. Address information should be kept current at all times.

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