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Scam Alert

Published on Jan 31, 2024

Please be advised that the Department of Health Professions (DHP) has been made aware that some licensees have received fraudulent communications from individuals claiming to be from one of our licensing boards, such as the Board of Pharmacy, or another agency, such as the DEA or FBI. They fabricate official looking letterhead and call or text and make it appear as though the number is that of the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. Please know that the Board of Pharmacy will never contact you to ask for money or personal information. If you are the recipient of any communication of which you are skeptical, contact the Board of Pharmacy for confirmation that it was sent by the Board or that it came from a scammer. 

The communications, often by phone, may threaten arrest or license suspension, demand personal information, or require the payment of fines. Please note: 

  • Phone calls may “spoof” DHP or a Board and appear to be from our number;
  • If you need to verify the identity of a DHP investigator or inspector, call the Enforcement Division at (804) 367-4691 or email;
  • DHP will never demand that you provide personally identifying information, such as social security number, date of birth, bank or credit card account numbers over the phone;
  • These types of licensing scams are a problem

If you believe you are the recipient of a fraudulent communication claiming to be from DHP: 

  • Notify DHP’s Enforcement Division at 804-367-4691, or email;
  • Report the communication to local law enforcement or the Virginia State Police;
  • The Federal Trade Commission also accepts reports about “Imposter Scams”  at or at 1-877-382-4357. These reports are used to aid ongoing investigations.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have also warned of imposters posing as DEA or FBI agents. Information and reporting of these scams can be found at this DEA website and this FTC website.

You may also contact the Board of Pharmacy directly at 804-367-4456 or with any concerns.

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Virginia Board of Pharmacy
Caroline D. Juran, Executive Director
R. Dale St. Clair, Jr., Chairman