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Drug Donation

Any pharmacy with a current active pharmacy permit may apply on a form provided by the board for registration as a drug donation site. A registered drug donation site may receive eligible donated drugs, transfer such donated drugs to another registered drug donation site, or re-dispense the donated drugs in accordance with § 54.1-3411.1 of the Code of Virginia to patients of clinics organized in whole or in part for the delivery of health care services to the indigent. Drugs collected under the drug donation program may not be dispensed to any other patient, sold, or otherwise distributed except as authorized in regulation. Drugs may only be accepted by a registered drug donation site under the following conditions: the official compendium storage requirements shall be assured; drugs shall be in manufacturers' original sealed containers or in sealed individual dose or unit dose packaging , or better, as set forth in § 54.1-3411.1; drugs shall bear an expiration date that is not less than 90 days from the date the drug is donated; and the drugs shall not have been adulterated or misbranded. The following drugs shall NOT be accepted by a drug donation site: drugs in Schedule II-V (examples include most drugs for severe to moderate pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and stimulants); drugs determined to be hazardous for donation based on the pharmacist's professional judgment, experience, knowledge, or available reference materials; drugs that may only be dispensed to a patient registered with the drug manufacturer under a restricted distribution system; and drugs that have been previously compounded.

List of Pharmacies Registered to be a Collection Site for Donated Drugs

Drug Disposal

Guidance from the FDA

Regulation 18VAC110-20-211 authorizes narcotic treatment programs, hospitals, or clinics with an on-site pharmacy, or pharmacies to accept for return a previously dispensed drug for the purpose of destruction, once authorized by DEA as a collector. Drugs may be collected from an ultimate user, a person lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent's property, or a long-term care facility on behalf of an ultimate user who resides or has resided at that facility. The process used to collect and destroy drugs, along with any required recordkeeping shall comply with applicable federal and state law. Pharmacists who want to participate in drug collection efforts should first register with the DEA and then submit to the board the “Registration to be an Authorized Collector for Destruction” form found on the board’s forms and applications page. The Board will then add the location’s information to its online listing of drug collectors. If an authorized collector chooses to cease acting as a collector, the pharmacist-in-charge or medical director shall notify the board within 30 days.

List of Authorized Collectors of Drugs for Destruction

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