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Prescription Monitoring Program Informational Modules

Learn more about Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program and the laws that govern it.

Learn more about the legislative decisions that impact and govern the PMP program.

Join PMP Director Ralph Orr and a number of special guests as they embark on open discussions about Virginia’s crisis of addiction.

Navigating NarxCare is a series of instructional videos for registered users of the PMP.  The series provides an overview of the NarxCare web platform, as well as special features designed to allow healthcare practitioners to make informed prescribing decisions.

Additionally, the developer of the NarxCare platform offers video tools to learn more about using Virginia’s PMP. Follow along with Generic Navigation or NarxCare Interpretation to get familiar with Virginia’s PMP.

Click here for more videos from the Department of Health Professions.

Prescription Monitoring Program
Ralph A. Orr, Director