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Board of Nursing
Staff Listing


Jay P. Douglas, M.S.M., R.N., C.S.A.C., F.R.E.
Executive Director 804-367-4520
Amy Davis
Executive Assistant for the Board and Executive Director 804-367-4520
Brenda G. Krohn, R.N., M.S.
Deputy Executive Director 804-367-4614
Gloria D. Mitchell-Lively, R.N., M.S.N., M.B.A.
Deputy Executive Director 804-367-4634
Jodi P. Power, R.N., J.D.
Deputy Executive Director 804-367-4665
Paula B. Saxby, R.N., Ph.D.
Deputy Executive Director 804-367-4597

Stephanie Willinger

Deputy Executive Director, Licensing 804-367-4518
Linda Kleiner, R.N.
Discipline Case Manager 804-367-4475

Charlette N. Ridout, RN, MS

Senior Nursing Education Consultant 804-367-4527
VACANT Office Manager, licensure for nurse practitioner and prescriptive authority 804-367-4518
Latasha Austin
Medication Aide Registry discipline program, Certified Massage Therapist applications 804-367-4670
Alesia Baskin
Licensure by endorsement - LPN
Nurse Licensure Compact
Francine Battle
Administrative support for disciplinary process – nurse aides 804-367-4521

Anika Carter

Receptionist 804-367-4555
Denikia Clark
Licensure by endorsement - RN 804-367-4689

Nichole Clements

Administrative support for licensure by exam – RN and LPN 804-225-4933

April Fontaine

Administrative support to licensure 804-367-4575
Latedra Goodwyn

Nurse Aide Registry receptionist, nurse aide verifications 804-367-4569
Darlene Graham
Senior Discipline Specialist 804-367-4576
Francine Greer
Nurse Aide Registry initial certification, renewals 804-367-4639
Jacqueline Harris
Receptionist 804-367-4438
Tonya James
Compliance Case Manager 804-367-4536

Beoncia Johnson

Administrative support to registration of medication aides 804-367-4420
Marie Molnar
Nursing renewals, reinstatements, verifications, duplicate licenses, Clinical Nurse Specialist applications 804-367-4599

Sylvia Tamayo-Suijk

Administrative support for disciplinary programs - nursing and nurse aide. 804-367-4502
Ann Tiller
Compliance Manager 804-367-4442

Dawnyel Towles

Administrative support for disciplinary program – licensed nurses 804-367-4617
Beth Yates
Licensure by examination - RN and LPN 804-367-4473