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Administrative Proceedings Division

The Administrative Proceedings Division (APD) of the Department processes disciplinary cases to ensure that cases are adjudicated in a fair and timely manner. APD, in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General, is responsible for preparation of notices (specific written allegations of misconduct) provided to a respondent, presentation of facts and evidence at informal conferences and formal hearings,and preparation of Orders.

To contact us:
Virginia Department of Health Professions
Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Henrico, VA 23233-1463

Telephone: (804) 367-4661
Fax: (804)-527-4423

Administrative Proceedings Division Staff

Name Phone NumberTitle
James Banning 804-367-4657 Director, APD
Christine Andreoli 804-367-4619 Adjudication Specialist
Melissa Armstrong 804-597-4140 Adjudication Specialist
Julia K. Bennett 804-597-4164 Deputy Director
Susan Brooks 804-367-4402 Operations Manager
Genette Carey 804-367-4480 Sr. Administrative Specialist
Christine Corey 804-367-4572 Adjudication Specialist
Claire Foley 804-367-4687 Adjudication Specialist
Tammie Jones 804-367-4577 Adjudication Consultant
Anne Joseph 804-367-4474 Adjudication Consultant
David Kazzie 804-367-4433 Adjudication Consultant
Jessica Weber 804-367-4494 Adjudication Specialist
Lorraine McGehee 804-367-4509 Deputy Director, APD
Carolann McNicol 804-367-4677 Adjudication Consultant
J. Michael Parsons 804-367-4678 Adjudication Consultant
Scott Pearl 804-367-4641 Adjudication Specialist
Lori Pound 804-367-4601 Adjudication Consultant
Rebecca Ribley 804-367-4477 Adjudication Specialist
Tracy Robinson 804-367-4694 Adjudication Consultant
Shevaun Roukous 804-367-4432 Senior Adjudication Analyst
Rebecca Smith 804-597-4051 Senior Adjudication Specialist
Grace Stewart 804-367-4588 Adjudication Specialist
Emily Tatum 804-367-4417 Senior Adjudication Specialist
Jessica Weber 804-367-4494 Adjudication Specialist