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About the Health Practitioners' Monitoring Program

The Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program (HPMP) is comprised of a DHP Program Manager, a nine-member Monitoring Program Committee, and staff members from Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS), Department of Psychiatry.

The Virginia Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program (HPMP) is an alternative to disciplinary action for qualified healthcare practitioners with a substance use diagnosis, a mental health or physical diagnosis, that may alter their ability to practice their profession safely.  HPMP is a recovery monitoring program - HPMP refers healthcare professionals for appropriate treatment and provides ongoing monitoring of treatment progress.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Disciplinary action may be avoided and, in the absence of criminal behavioral or Board action, public records may not be generated. For those participants with Board involvement, our team provides support including participant preparation for hearings and providing the Board with documentation or testimony of monitoring compliance.

HPMP services are available to anyone who holds a current, active license, certification or registration by a health regulatory board in Virginia or a multi-state licensure privilege OR is an applicant for initial or reinstatement of licensure, certification, or registration for up to one year from the date of receipt of their application.

If you have been referred to HPMP and would like to get started, or have questions, contact the Virginia HPMP toll-free at 1-866-206-4747 or email



Health Practitioners' Monitoring Program

Christina C. Buisset, HPMP Program Manager