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What is HPMP

Virginia HPMP is Here to Help. 


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In short, the Virginia Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program (HPMP) is a solution that can help recovering licensed healthcare professionals struggling with substance use addiction, mental health disorders, or physical ailments get back on track to protect their health and their careers.

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HPMP is a recovery monitoring program.  We provide referrals for appropriate treatment and provide ongoing support and monitoring of the treatment progress.  Our goal is for you to achieve and maintain optimal physical, mental, and emotional health in order to promote self health, and patient safety.

The HPMP team has the expertise to help participants skillfully navigate their return to safe and productive clinical practice and stay in their chosen careers.  Monitoring and support contributes to our program’s high successful completion rate.

In addition to treatment, monitoring is key for relapse prevention – monitoring helps set short-term goals and creates an extra level of accountability.  It is vital that participants get support and assistance to avoid relapse - we can provide a roadmap for a successful completion.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Individuals who recognize that they are struggling can sign up for this program on their own.  Disciplinary action may be avoided and, in the absence of criminal behavioral or Board action, public records may not be generated.

HPMP services are available to anyone who holds a current, active license, certification or registration by a health regulatory board in Virginia or a multi-state licensure privilege, or is an applicant for initial or reinstatement of licensure, certification, or registration for up to one year from the date of receipt of their application.

If you or someone you know could use the assistance of HPMP and would like to get started, or have questions, contact the Virginia HPMP toll-free at 1-866-206-4747 or email


The Department of Health Professions (DHP) contracts with Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS), Department of Psychiatry, Division of Addiction Psychiatry to provide monitoring and clinical services including:

  • Confidential intake to determine program eligibility.
  • Referrals to treatment providers for clinical assessment and treatment.
  • Monitoring of treatment progress and clinical practice.
  • Maintaining the alcohol and drug toxicology screening process.
  • And for those participants with Board involvement, the team provides support including participant preparation for hearings and providing the Board with documentation or testimony of monitoring compliance.


Donate to the MCV Foundation dedicated to the aid of the recovery and monitoring efforts for financially stressed healthcare practitioners.

Donors can give by check by making it payable to MCV Foundation and indicating the fund number and name (50380 HPMP Fund) on the memo line or in a note included with the check.  This can be mailed to:
BOX 843042
RICHMOND, VA 23284-3042

Credit card donations can also be given online at:


Select search by keyword from the drop down menu.

Type in HPMP and select HPMP Fund.

Continue on screen steps to complete the necessary donor and credit card information.

Health Practitioners' Monitoring Program