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Prescription Monitoring Program

Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a near “real-time” central database containing information used primarily by healthcare providers to better inform treatment and dispensing decisions. The database contains information on dispensed controlled substances as well as naloxone and registered cannabis products. PMP data is used to track trends in drug utilization, measure the impact of policy (legislative) actions, and support activities related to the opioid crisis response in the Commonwealth. The PMP also provides information to authorized law enforcement agents and regulatory personnel to assist with criminal or licensee investigations.

Virginia's Prescription Monitoring Program

How to Access the Virginia PMP:

Users may want to review the User Support Manual for in depth details.

For Technical Assistance: Contact Bamboo Health at 1-855-4VA-4PMP (1-855-482-4767) Or submit a support request at:

Should you have any questions, you may contact the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program at (804) 367-4514 or by email at

Latest Reports 

2022 Annual Report of the Prescription Monitoring Program

Quarterly Report Quarter 1 2024 of the Prescription Monitoring Program 


NarxCare Application and NarxScores

For an Overview of the NarxCare Application and Explanation of the NarxScores visit


Submission Requirements

Download the Virginia PMP Dispenser Guide for more details about the current submission requirements effective beginning February 2022. 

Note: The Virginia PMP's current reporting standard is ASAP 4.2. The Virginia PMP also supports ASAP 4.2a; data submitters may choose to report dispensations using this version.


Grant Funding Available to Integrate the PMP into Your Clinical Workflow

Grant funding is available for integration of prescription information into electronic medical records and pharmacy software systems. 

Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a 24/7 database containing information on dispensed controlled substances included in Schedule II, III and IV; those in Schedule V for which a prescription is required; naloxone, all drugs of concern, and cannabis products dispensed by a pharmaceutical processor in Virginia or their dispensaries. The primary purpose of the PMP is to promote safe prescribing and dispensing practices for covered substances by providing timely and essential information to healthcare providers. Law enforcement and health profession licensing boards use the PMP to support investigations related to doctor shopping, diversion, and inappropriate prescribing and dispensing.

For more detailed information about this important initiative, please review the Virginia PMP Welcome Packet.

Applying for state funding is now quick and easy!

Integration Request Process:

  1. Visit the Customer Connect portal at:

    1. Click Create an Account in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Login and follow the on-screen prompts to provide the needed information for your integration request.
    3. Sign all necessary agreements within the portal and complete your application.
  2. Upon receipt of your completed application, Bamboo Health will submit your request to the state for final approval.
  3. Upon state approval, credentials will be sent to your organization’s primary contact and/or your EHR/PMS vendor, per their onboarding process.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to your healthcare organization’s primary point of contact.

Prescription Monitoring Program
Ashley Carter, Director