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Reporting Requirements

In accordance with Code of Virginia §§ 54.1-2519 – 54.1-2525 the Virginia Department of Health Professions (DHP) has established a program to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of covered substances. The program covers the entire state and requires all dispensers to report all controlled substances included in Schedule II, III and IV; those in Schedule V for which a prescription is required; naloxone, all drugs of concern, and cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil dispensed by a pharmaceutical processor in Virginia. All covered substances must be reported within 24 hours or the dispenser’s next business day. The program also requires non-resident pharmacies to report dispensing of covered substances to Virginia residents.

Reporting The Data

Pharmacies will report the required dispensing information to Bamboo Health, a private contractor, who will collect all data and manage the technical aspects of the program. Bamboo Health will forward verified data to DHP.

Toll-free number for Bamboo Health: 1-855-482-4767

Create a support request using the following URL

Technical assistance is available 8am – 8pm M-F EST, 365 days a year

Such reporting without individual authorization by the patient is allowed under HIPAA, 45CFR § 164.512, paragraphs (a) and (d). DHP is a health oversight agency and Bamboo Health will be acting as an agent of DHP in the collection of this information.

All rejected files are required to be resubmitted within (5) five days of notification that the file was rejected. Additionally, all individual records/errors that are rejected within an uploaded file must be corrected via the website, or a file resubmission within 5 days of notification that the individual records have been rejected. If a dispenser does not dispense any covered substances during a 24 hour period, a “zero” report must be submitted. This may be done as directed in the Virginia Data Submission Dispenser Guide.

Download the Virginia PMP Dispenser Guide for more details about the current submission requirements. 

Note: The Virginia PMP's current reporting standard is ASAP 4.2. The Virginia PMP also supports ASAP 4.2a; data submitters may choose to report dispensations using this version.

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