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Healthcare Workforce Data Center


The Department of Health Professions Healthcare Workforce Data Center works to improve the data collection and measurement of Virginia’s healthcare workforce through regular assessment of workforce supply and demand issues among the over 62 professions and the over 380,000 practitioners licensed in Virginia by DHP.

DHP healthcare workforce data is provided online to ensure accessibility of the findings among healthcare decision makers, hospital systems, academic institutions and constituents statewide.

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Data Products

Profession Reports
The HWDC Profession Reports are the mainstay of the HWDC's data products. They provide a statewide look at the healthcare workforce on a profession-by-profession basis. Profession reports are published following the end of the data collection period. Profession reports include HWDC CareForce Indicators as well as more detailed information pertaining to the professions.

Virginia CareForce Snapshots
The Virginia CareForce Snapshot is a compilation of the CareForce indicators for all professions, statewide, in a given HWDC survey year. The Careforce Snapshot, updated annually in spring, provide an interactive guide to compare CareForce Indicators across professions.

Regional CareForce Snapshot
Produced in collaboration with the Virginia Healthcare Workforce Development Authority, (VHWDA) our Regional CareForce Products provide an interactive guide to the CareForce in each of Virginia's eight AHEC regions. Regional Reports are updated each spring.

Trends in Healthcare Workforce Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Units
Starting in June 2016, the Trends in Healthcare Workforce Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Units feature enables FTE trend comparisons of the original surveyed professions from 2012 to 2015. It also compares 2015 results for 20 professions by county, as well as AHEC, Council on Virginia's Future, Workforce Investment Area, and Health Planning Districts.

Student Choice
Our interactive Student Choice page uses HWDC data and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help students begin thinking about health careers and education. This tool highlights the interoperability of HWDC data and how it can be used in analysis and decision making.

Trends in Virginia Healthcare Workforce
Launched in 2018, this tool provides users with profession-specific data for all the years available.

Virginia Healthcare Workforce Briefs
The Healthcare Workforce Data Center's Virginia Healthcare Workforce Briefs provide timely indicators of the strength of Virginia's healthcare labor market in an accessible format. Information in these briefs is based on data provided by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis. The briefs consist of three series:

  • Series 1: State & National Employment (Monthly)
  • Series 2: Virginia Regional & Sectoral Employment (Monthly)
  • Series 3: Income & Compensation (Quarterly)

Trends in Healthcare Employment in Virginia
The US Bureau of Labor releases nonseasonally adjusted monthly data on nonfarm employment for states and metropolitan areas. The data is obtained from the Current Employment Statistics (CES) State and Local Areas. This story presents some of Virginia data and drills down to sectors and metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) for which data is available in the healthcare sector.

Occasional Papers

Virginia's Oral Health Workforce: Planning Districts

Pathways to BSN, a look at Virginia's Registered Nurse Workforce

Methodology & Glossary

Methodology & Glossary

Data Collection

The Virginia Department of Health Professions provides voluntary surveys to Department of Health Professions’ licensees through the Department’s online application and renewal processes. Survey reports for each profession are released a few months after the end of each renewal cycle.

Surveys in collection, grouped by renewal date, include:

Every March:
Assisted Living Facility Administrators
Dental Hygienists
Funeral Service Licensees
Nursing Home Administrators

Every June:
Clinical Psychologists
Licensed Professional Counselors
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Speech-Language Pathologists^

Every December
Licensed Veterinary Technicians††
Pharmacy Technicians

December, Odd Years
Physician Assistants†
Radiologic Technologists†
Respiratory Care Practitioners†

December, Even Years
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine†
Medical Doctors†
Occupational Therapists†
Occupational Therapy Assistants†
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapy Assistants

Every October*
Certified Nurse Aides*
Licensed Practical Nurses*
Nurse Practitioners*
Registered Nurses*

*Nurses renew biennially during their birth month on an ongoing basis.  Our data collection period for nurses runs from September to August.  Each survey report and data release is based on a rolling two years of data.

** The first Nurse Practitioner collection ran from March 2011 to February 2013. Subsequent  collections will conform to the Nursing  schedule.
†Renew every other year during their birth month. 
††Beginning in 2018
^Beginning in 2020

Initially, the HWDC provided analytic support for surveys created by DHP’s regulatory boards or committees of professionals. Over the past few years the HWDC has adopted a standardized survey template.; Since our renewal cycles are measured in years, the HWDC is continuing to implement the standardized template for currently surveyed professions, as well as expanding it to new professions. The healthcare workforce operates largely within a national market and the HWDC is working with HRSA's National Center for Health Workforce Analysis as it develops national standards and minimum datasets.

Section 54.1-2506.1 of the Code of Virginia provides for the Department's collection and maintenance of HWDC data for workforce and health planning purposes.  HWDC data are released in aggregate reporting only unless record-level information is required for the purpose of determining shortage designations. The Department has now become a partner agency within the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS).  VLDS provides an effective way for partnering state agencies to enable data sharing with qualified researchers using rigorous standards that meet or exceed all state and federal confidentiality requirements.  In situations in which the VLDS data is not appropriate, HWDC will consider data requests from qualified researchers on a case-by-case basis. For further details, contact the DHP HWDC office.

The healthcare workforce operates largely within a national market and the HWDC is working with HRSA's National Center for Health Workforce Analysis as it develops national standards and minimum datasets.

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