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Virginia's Behavioral Health Workforce
Launched in 2023, this tool provides important indicators on the state's behavioral health workforce.

Supply and Demand of the Primary Care Workforce in Virginia
Launched in 2022, this tool provides projections of the primary care workforce in Virginia to 2030. It also examines different demand and supply scenarios for the workforce examined.

Virginia Healthcare Workforce: Gender and Racial/Ethnic DiversityLaunched in 2021, this tool provides users with gender and race/ethnicity breakdown for 27 licensed healthcare professions in Virginia. The data are from surveys of each profession which for some occur annually and, for others, occur biennially.

The Impact of COVID on Licensed Healthcare Workforce Professions in Virginia
Launched in 2021, this tool provides users with profession-specific underemployment and unemployment data. It provides the tool to examine the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on underemployment and unemployment among healthcare professions.

Student Choice
Our interactive Student Choice page uses HWDC data and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help students begin thinking about health careers and education. This tool highlights the interoperability of HWDC data and how it can be used in analysis and decision making.

Virginia CareForce Snapshots
The Virginia CareForce Snapshot is a compilation of the CareForce indicators for all professions, statewide, in a given HWDC survey year. The Careforce Snapshot, updated annually in spring, provide an interactive guide to compare CareForce Indicators across professions.

Regional CareForce Snapshot
Produced in collaboration with the Virginia Healthcare Workforce Development Authority, (VHWDA) our Regional CareForce Products provide an interactive guide to the CareForce in each of Virginia's eight AHEC regions. Regional Reports are updated each spring.

Trends in Healthcare Workforce Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Units
Starting in June 2016, the Trends in Healthcare Workforce Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Units feature enables FTE trend comparisons of the original surveyed professions from 2012 to 2015. It also compares 2015 results for 20 professions by county, as well as AHEC, Council on Virginia's Future, Workforce Investment Area, and Health Planning Districts.

Trends in Healthcare Employment in Virginia
The US Bureau of Labor releases non-seasonally adjusted monthly data on nonfarm employment for states and metropolitan areas. The data is obtained from the Current Employment Statistics (CES) State and Local Areas. This story presents some of Virginia data and drills down to sectors and metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) for which data is available in the healthcare sector.

Virginia Physician Board Certification Dashboard
This is a visualization of the certification reported by physicians licensed in Virginia and the full time equivalency units (FTEs) provided by physicians with each certification. Further, the visualization provides the gender, age, and geographic distribution of the FTEs provided by each type of board certification. Trends in the FTEs provided by gender over years is also included.

Trends in Virginia Healthcare Workforce
Launched in 2018, this tool provides users with profession-specific data for all the years available.


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