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Virginia Board of Counseling

The purpose of the residency period is to train the residents to become fully functioning independent professional counselors. The Board of Counseling depends on the expertise of the licensed supervisors to provide the necessary training and experience to the residents in order to prepare them for the exam and independent practice. The Board places confidence in the supervisors to ensure that these requirements are being met. If they are not, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to contact the Board and/or discontinue their supervision services.

It is very important that the residents receive experience in all aspects of counseling. This should include, but is not limited to, case management, assessments, diagnoses, and treatment. The Board must ensure that all licensed counselors are able to provide professional services to the public without causing harm to current or future clients.

The supervisors are responsible for all aspects of the residents' practices while under their supervision. If a resident becomes licensed without the proper training, the Board may require explanation from the supervisor as to reasons why requirements were not met. It is also the responsibility of the residents to ensure that they are receiving the best experience possible and to stay proactive in their own professional development.

Registration of Supervision. If you plan to register supervision with the Board of Counseling, please submit a complete application packet which can be found on the website under Applications & Forms. Please keep in mind that you may not engage in practice under supervision in any areas for which you have not had appropriate education.

You may not begin to accumulate hours towards the supervised experience until you have received written approval from the Board.

You are encouraged to review the Board’s guidance document 115-7: Supervised Experience Requirements for the Delivery of Clinical Services for Professional Counselor Licensure.

Please allow sufficient time for processing your request. Because of the increase in volume and complexity of the registration of supervision requests, the Board office is reviewing the requests in the order of receipt and providing individual feedback to each applicant in writing.

License Eligible. The term “license eligible” does not apply to the Board of Counseling.