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Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program
Description of Program

The prescription monitoring program collects prescription data into a central database which can then be used by limited authorized users to assist in deterring the illegitimate use of prescription drugs. The information collected in this program is maintained by the Department of Health Professions, and strict security and confidentiality measures are enforced. Only those persons authorized by law can be provided information from the database, and the list of authorized persons is very limited. Prescribers and dispensers may query the database to assist in determining treatment history and to rule out the possibility that a patient is "doctor shopping" or "scamming" in order to obtain controlled substances.

Who is required to report?

Pharmacies, non-resident pharmacies, permitted physicians, and physicians holding a permit to sell controlled substances are required to report dispensing of all controlled substances included in Schedule II, III and IV; those in Schedule V for which a prescription is required; nalaxone, and all other drugs of concern.

There is a limited list of reporting exemptions such as dispensing of manufacturers’ samples. Click here for list of exemptions.


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