Occupational Therapy Advisory Board
Continuing Education: Questions and Answers

1. When must I have the required number of continued competency activity completed in order to renew my license?

With the renewal of licensure in 2004. You will be required to sign an attestation on your renewal form in 2004 that you have completed 20 hours of continued competency activities. Falsification on the renewal form is a violation of law and may subject you to disciplinary action.

2. Am I required to send in evidence of my continued competency activity hours at the time I renew?

No. The Board will randomly select licensees for a post-renewal audit. If selected, you would be notified by mail that documentation is required and given a time frame within which to comply.

3. When do the continuing competency requirements begin?

Regulations became effective on June 6, 2001. Hours must be obtained within the two years immediately preceding renewal in 2004. You may not count hours obtained prior to January 1, 2002 nor may you carry over excess hours to the following biennium.

4. Who maintains the required documents for verification continued competency activities?

It is the licensee’s responsibility to maintain the certificates and any other continued competency forms or records for six years following renewal in 2004 and thereafter. Do not send any forms or documents to the Board of Medicine unless requested to do so.

5. What are “Type 1” hours?

Type 1 hours (at least 10 each biennium) are those activities offered by a sponsor or organization recognized by the profession and may include in-service training, self-study courses, specialty certification or professional workshops. All 20 continued competency hours each biennium may be Type 1 hours.

6. What are “Type 2” hours?

Type 2 hours (no more than 10 each biennium) are those activities, which may include consultation with another therapist, independent reading or research, preparation for a presentation, fieldwork with students, or other such experiences, which promote continued learning.

7. Where do I obtain the instructions and forms for continuing competency requirements?

Forms were provided in a special mailing to all licensed occupational therapists on February 4, 2002, or you may download copies from the website on the Forms page, under Continuing Education. Records may be maintained electronically, but copies of documentation and forms will be necessary if an occupational therapist is audited following a renewal cycle. Forms may also be copied.

8. What if I am newly licensed during the 2002-2004 biennial? Do I still have to obtain the full 20 hours of continued competency?

No. There is an exemption for the first biennial renewal following your initial licensure in Virginia.

9. What if I become ill or incapacitated and unable to complete my continued competency requirements prior to renewal?

A written request from the occupational therapist prior to the renewal date explaining the circumstances and requesting an extension or exemption is necessary for the Board’s consideration. The Board may grant an extension of up to one year or an exemption for all or part of the required hours for the biennium.

10. What if I am now retired and don’t want to obtain continuing competency hours but don’t want to give up my license?

You may request an inactive license from the Board, beginning with your next renewal. It is important to note that holding an inactive license does not authorize you to engage in the practice of occupational therapy in Virginia. If you intend to practice at all in Virginia, even on a part-time or non-compensatory basis, you must retain your active license.

11. What if I take inactive licensure status and later decide to reactivate?

An occupational therapist whose license has been inactive for two to six years and wishes to have an active license must pay the difference between the current fee for inactive licensure and the renewal fee for active licensure, documentation of having engaged in the active practice of occupational therapy or having completed a board-approved practice of 160 hours within 60 consecutive days under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist, and documentation of completed continued competency hours equal to the requirement for the number of years, not to exceed four during which the license has been inactive.

12. Who qualifies as a sponsor or organization recognized by the profession? Is there an official format the continued competency activities should be printed on and given to participants?

A sponsor or organization recognized by the profession would most likely include any member organizations/associations, accredited hospitals, occupational therapy accredited schools/programs, school systems, rehabilitation centers, or employer. Documentation of completion could be a certificate or letter to include the name of the sponsor or organization, dates of activity, description of activity and total number of contact hours completed.