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Mandatory Sources

The Procurement team at DHP continually negotiates contracts with vendors to gain the best prices for commonly used goods and services. We establish supplier contracts, including bulk and cooperative purchasing agreements, that save the Agency money, time and work. Buying from contracts is the preferred purchasing method at DHP. Before making a purchase, you are encouraged to review the mandatory sources available to DHP.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) is a self-supporting agency established by the Virginia General Assembly over 85 years ago to employ and train inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections. DHP purchases office furniture, printed materials and printer cartridges from VCE. Before requesting these items please check the VCE website for availability of specific models.  

Virginia Correctional Enterprises  

VCE Printer Cartridges

Virginia Institute for the Blind (VIB) operates two manufacturing facilities in the state of Virginia. VIB manufactures safety supplies, janitorial supplies, writing instruments, hand sanitizer, gloves and many other items.  DHP purchases a variety of products from VIB in support of their mission to provide training and employment to blind individuals across the Commonwealth.


The Virginia Distribution Center (VDC) is part of the Department of General Services, Division of Purchases and Supply.  The VDC is a cooperative procurement function that provides a broad selection of high-quality services and products at the lowest prices by leveraging the collective buying power of the Commonwealth. VDC offers staple foods, frozen foods, janitorial supplies, paper and plastic products, safety supplies, and other select items. DHP purchases many items for the agency from VDC. Please consult the catalog for additional listings. 


Virginia Distribution Center  

VDC Catalog


Office of Fleet Management Services ( 

Vehicle Management Control Center (VMCC) ( 

Voyager Acceptance Locator (


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