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Board Members

Lester Paul Bernard, Ph.D., LPC
Lynchburg, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2027
Nakeisha Gordon, LPC
Richmond, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2027
Angela Charlton, Ph.D., LPC
Ashburn, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2023
Gerard Lawson, Ph.D., LPC, LSATP

Blacksburg, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2024
Vacant, Citizen Member

Natalie Franklin, LPC, LMFT
Newport News, VA
2st Term Ends 6/30/2024 
Benjamin Allison, Citizen Member
Forest, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2026 
Tiffinee Yancey, Ph.D., LPC
Suffolk, VA
2nd Term Ends 6/30/2025 
Vacant, LMFT Member

Matthew Scott, LMFT
Lynchburg, VA
1st Term Ends 6/30/2026
Maria Stransky, LPC, CSAC, CSOTP

Richmond, VA
2nd Term Ends 6/30/2025 
Terry R. Tinsley, PhD, LPC, LMFT, CSOTP
Gainesville, VA
2nd Term Ends 6/30/2026 

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Virginia Board of Counseling
Jaime Hoyle, Executive Director
Gerard Lawson, Ph.D., LPC, LSATP, Chairperson