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Guidance Documents

The Code of Virginia requires annual publication of lists of guidance documents from state agencies. A guidance document is defined as "...any document developed by a state agency or staff that provides information or guidance of general applicability to the staff or public to interpret or implement statutes or the agency's rules or regulations..." Agencies are required to maintain a complete, current list of all guidance documents and make the full text of such documents available to the public.

Copies of the following documents may be viewed during regular work days from 8:15 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the offices of the Department of Health Professions, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Henrico Virginia 23233-1463 . Copies may also be downloaded by clicking on the links below or from the Regulatory Townhall at or requested by email at Questions regarding implementation of these documents or requests for copies may be directed to Jaime Hoyle, Executive Director of the board at the address above or by telephone at (804) 367-4610. Copies are free of charge.


115-1.1 Possible Disciplinary or Alternative Actions for Non-Compliance with Continuing Education Requirements - revised July 25, 2019

115-1.2 Virginia Board of Counseling Bylaws - revised July 25, 2019

115-1.3 Bylaws - Advisory Board on Art Therapy - effective January 8, 2021

115-1.4 Guidance on Technology-Assisted Counseling and Technology-Assisted Supervision - effective July 7, 2022

115-1.5 Sanctioning Reference Points - revised January 2016

115-1.8 Examinations approved for Certification as a Rehabilitation Counselor - Reaffirmed November 22, 2019

115-1.9 National Certifications as a Substance Abuse Counselor by endorsement - effective July 7, 2022 

115-2 Impact of Criminal Convictions, Impairment and Past History on Licensure, Certification or Registration - effective September 1, 2022

115-3 Credential Appeals FAQ's - July 25, 2019

115-4.1 Evidence of clinical practice for licensure by endorsement - effective July 7, 2022

115-4.3 Direct Client Contact Hours in an internship that can be applied towards residency - adopted February 19, 2010, Reaffirmed February 5, 2021 

115-4.11 Board guidance on use of confidential consent agreements - effective July 7, 2022 

115-5 Guidance for Conduct of an Informal Conference by an Agency Subordinate of a Health Regulatory Board at the Department of Health Professions - revised May 18, 2018

115-6 Guidance on Emotional Support Animals - effective April 2, 2020

115-7 Supervised Experience Requirements for the Delivery of Clinical Services for Professional Counselor Licensure - effective October 15, 2020

115-8 Approved Degrees in Human Services and Related Fields for QMHP Registration - effective October 13, 2021

115-9 Recognition of Entity for Licensure by Endorsement - adopted November 1, 2018

115-10 Guidance Document on the Practice of Conversion Therapy - effective June 30, 2019

115-11 Scope of Practice for Persons Regulated by the Board to provide Substance Abuse Treatment - effective January 23, 2020

115-12 Acceptance of Disaster Mental Health Worker for continuing competency requirements - effective January 23, 2020

Virginia Board of Counseling
Jaime Hoyle, Executive Director
Gerard Lawson, Ph.D., LPC, LSATP, Chairperson