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QMHP Application Information

STOP! Please, review this information before you proceed with your online QMHP application.

To expedite the processing of ONLINE applications for licensure, applicants can now upload many of the required supporting documents required to apply for certification or registration by using the new documents upload feature in the online application portal. Please be sure to download the full instructions located in the online application portal when you apply for more information about this feature. Documents you wish to upload must be uploaded prior to submitting your online application fee. It is preferred that supplemental documents be provided to the Board in PDF file format.

We recommend that you review the Regulations Governing the Registration of Qualified Mental Health Professionals the QMHP - Frequently Asked Questions, and Online Application Handbook before submitting an application for consideration.

What is the difference between each online application?

All application fees are non-refundable. Please ensure that you are completing the correct application before moving forward with payment.

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Virginia Board of Counseling
Jaime Hoyle, Executive Director
Gerard Lawson, Ph.D., LPC, LSATP, Chairperson