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Respiratory Therapist

"Respiratory therapist" means a person who has passed the examination for the entry level practice of respiratory care administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc., or other examination approved by the Board, who has complied with the regulations pertaining to licensure prescribed by the Board, and who has been issued a license by the Board.

Laws and Regulations

Review state laws and regulations that apply to the board and Licensed Respiratory Therapists.

Applications & Forms

Please visit the application wizard for information on how to apply for a license to practice as a Respiratory Therapist. For other forms check the applications and forms page.

image of Respiratory Therapist with young patient

Advisory Board Meetings

Oct 3 2023 1:00PM (Tue)Advisory Board on Respiratory Care
Jun 13 2023 1:00PM (Tue)Advisory Board on Respiratory Care
Feb 7 2023 1:00PM (Tue)Advisory Board on Respiratory Care - Cancelled
Sep 20 2022 1:00PM (Tue)Advisory Board on Respiratory Care Agenda Draft Minutes

To view other board meetings visit the board's full calendar.

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