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Internship/Residency/Fellowship (MD, DO, DPM) Application

Important Note: If you are an INTERN, RESIDENT or FELLOW, do not complete the Medicine and Surgery or Osteopathy and Surgery application without first contacting your program director. Failing to read the instructions or completing the wrong application will significantly delay the processing of your application. 

Applicants should apply for an intern/resident/fellow training license immediately upon notification of appointment for postgraduate clinical training. This license application only applies to MD, DO and DPM training programs.

Initial applications for training licenses as an intern, resident, or fellow are now online. If you held a Virginia training license previously, or if you do not have a Social Security number or Department of Motor Vehicles number, you will need to request a paper application from the Board of Medicine at


What you’ll need in order to apply:

Virginia Board of Medicine | Contact the Board
William L. Harp, MD, Executive Director
John R. Clements, DPM, President