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Guidance Documents

Policies that Affect the General Public

The Code of Virginia requires annual publication of lists of guidance documents from state agencies. A guidance document is defined as "...any document developed by a state agency or staff that provides information or guidance of general applicability to the staff or public to interpret or implement statutes or the agency's rules or regulations..." Agencies are required to maintain a complete, current list of all guidance documents and make the full text of such documents available to the public.

Copies of the following documents may be viewed during regular work days from 8:15 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the offices of the Department of Health Professions, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Henrico Virginia 23233-1463 . Copies may also be downloaded by clicking on the links below or from the Regulatory Townhall or requested by email at Questions regarding implementation of these documents or requests for copies may be directed to Erin L. Barrett, JD, Agency Regulatory Coordinator of the department, at the address above or by telephone at (804) 367-4688. Copies are free of charge.

Department Guidance Documents

76-10.02 Providing Sanction Reference Point worksheets to respondents, revised May 3, 2018

76-10.03 Subpoenas for disciplinary hearings, revised December 27, 2017

76-10.04 Complainant notification of case proceedings, revised December 27, 2017

76-10.06 Process for cases involving non-compliance with § 54.1-2400.6, revised December 28 1017

76-10.10 Requesting Information from the National Data Bank, revised August 7, 2017

76-10.12 Participation of Adjudication Specialists in Closed Sessions, adopted August 9, 2017

76-10.13 Agency standards for case resolution, revised October 19, 2017

76-10.17 Publication of Notices and Orders on the Department website, revised December 27, 2017

76-10.24 Summary suspensions and restrictions, revised December 27, 2017

76-20 The Adjudication Process, revised July 19, 2017

76-20.01 Communication with the media, adopted May 2, 2017

76-20.04 Disclosure of Non-investigative Information, revised August 9, 2017

76-20.05 Disclosure of Information to Health Practitioner Monitoring Program, revised August 9, 2017

76-20.06 Reproduction of a public meeting, revised May 5, 2017

76-20.9 FOIA Requests and Related Charges, effective March 9, 2021

76-3.5 Reporting to the National Data Bank, May 19, 2014

76-30.01 Procurement of goods and nonprofessional services, revised December 27, 2017

76-30.02 Procurement of professional services, revised October 19, 2017

76-30.03 Sole source procurement for examination services, revised December 27, 2017

76-30.08 Supplier diversity (SWaM), revised December 27, 2017

76-34 Requirements Imposed on Hospitals, Other Health Care Institutions, and Health Care Professionals to Report Disciplinary Actions Against and Allegations of Misconduct by Certain Health Care Practitioners to the Virginia Department of Health Professions, updated July 2021

76-35 Rights & Responsibilities: The Virginia Freedom of Information Act, effective September 1, 2022

76-39 Guidelines for Pro Hac Vice Admission of Out-Of-State Counsel and Practice by Non-Lawyers, reaffirmed December 14, 2017

76-40.01 Receipt and Investigation of Allegations of Misconduct, revised July 26, 2017

76-40.02 Unlicensed Activity, revised August 9, 2017

76-40.05 Disciplinary Cases Involving Board Members, revised March 6, 2018

76-60.01 Recruitment and filling vacant positions, revised May 1, 2017

76-70.18 Website policies, revised December 27, 2017

76-80.12 Extension of time for active duty servicemen or spouses, revised May 5, 2017

76-80.23 Front Desk and Visitor Log, revised December 28, 2017

76-90.01 Prescription Drug Monitoring Advisory Committee, revised May 2, 2017

76-90.02 Custodians of records, revised May 1, 2017

76-90.03 Foreign applicants; requirements to provide social security numbers, revised September 16, 2020

76-90.05 Principles/Establishment of fees, revised May 1, 2017