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Apply for a License

Acting ALF-Administrator-In-Training Long-Term Care Administrators
Advanced Certified Nurse Aide Nursing
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Nursing
APRN Restricted Volunteer  Nursing 
ALF-Administrator-In-Training Long-Term Care Administrators
Applied Psychologist Psychology
Assistant Behavior Analyst Medicine
Assisted Living Facility Administrator Long-Term Care Administrators
Assisted Living Facility Preceptor Long-Term Care Administrators
Athletic Trainer Medicine
Audiologist Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Authorization to Prescribe Nursing
Behavior Analyst Medicine
Business Controlled Substances Registration Pharmacy
Certified Nurse Aide Nursing
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Counseling
Chiropractor Medicine
Clinical Nurse Specialist Nursing
Clinical Psychologist Psychology
Continuing Education Provider Psychology
Cosmetic Procedure Certification Dentistry
Courtesy Card Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Crematories Funeral Directors and Embalmers
CSAC Supervisee Counseling
Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia Dentistry
Dental Assistant II Dentistry
Dental Faculty Dentistry
Dental Hygienist Dentistry
Dental Hygienist Faculty Dentistry
Dental Restricted Volunteer Dentistry
Dental Teacher Dentistry
Dental Temporary Permit Dentistry
Dentist Dentistry
Dentist Restricted Permit Dentistry
Dentist-Temporary Resident Dentistry
Dentist-Volunteer Registration Dentistry
Direct Access Certification Physical Therapy
Embalmer Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Equine Dental Technician Veterinary Medicine
Funeral Branch Establishment Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Funeral Director Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Funeral Establishment Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Funeral Service Intern Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Funeral Service Licensee Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Genetic Counselor Medicine
Interns & Residents Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist Medicine
Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Social Work
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Counseling
Licensed Massage Therapist Nursing
Licensed Master's Social Worker Social Work
Licensed Midwife Medicine
Licensed Practical Nurse Nursing
Licensed Practical Nurse Restricted Volunteer Nursing
Licensed Professional Counselor Counseling
Limited Radiologic Technologist Medicine
Limited Use Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy
Medical Equipment Supplier Pharmacy
Medication Aide Nursing
Medicine Medicine
Mobile Dental Facility Dentistry
Moderate Sedation Dentistry 
NH-Administrator-in-Training Long-Term Care Administrators
Non-resident Manufacturer Pharmacy
Non-resident Medical Equipment Supplier Pharmacy
Non-resident Outsourcing Facility Pharmacy
Non-resident Pharmacy Pharmacy
Non-resident Wholesale Distributor Pharmacy
Non-restricted Manufacturer Pharmacy
Nursing Home Administrator Long-Term Care Administrators
Nursing Home Preceptor Long-Term Care Administrators
Occupational Therapist Medicine
Occupational Therapy Assistant Medicine
Optometrist-TPA Certified Optometry
Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon Registration Dentistry
Osteopathic Medicine Medicine
Permitted Physician Pharmacy
Pharmacist Pharmacy
Pharmacy Pharmacy
Pharmacy Intern Pharmacy
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy
Pharmacy Technician Training Program Pharmacy
Physical Therapist Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist Assistant Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant Medicine
Physician Selling Controlled Substances Pharmacy
Physician Selling Drugs Location Pharmacy
Podiatry Medicine
Polysomnographic Technologist Medicine
Prescriptive Authority Restricted Volunteer Nursing
Provisional Speech-Language Pathologist Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Qualified Mental Health Prof-Adult Counseling
Qualified Mental Health Prof-Child Counseling
Radiologic Technologist Medicine
Radiologist Assistant Medicine
Registered Nurse Nursing
Registered Nurse Restricted Volunteer Nursing
Registered Peer Recovery Specialist Counseling
Rehabilitation Provider Counseling
Resident in Counseling Counseling
Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling
Resident in Psychology Psychology
Resident in Substance Abuse Treatment Counseling
Respiratory Therapist Medicine
Restricted Manufacturer Pharmacy
Restricted Volunteer Medicine
School Psychologist Psychology
School Psychologist-Limited Psychology
School Speech-Language Pathologist Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Sex Offender Treatment Provider Psychology
Speech-Language Pathologist Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Substance Abuse Counseling Assistant Counseling
Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner Counseling
Supervisee in Social Work Social Work
Surface Transport & Removal Services Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Surgical Assistant Medicine
Surgical Technologist Medicine
Third Party Logistics Provider Pharmacy
Trainee for Qualified Mental Health Prof Counseling
University Limited License Medicine
Veterinarian Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Establishment - Ambulatory Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Establishment - Stationary Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Faculty Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Intern/Resident Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Technician Veterinary Medicine
Warehouser Pharmacy
Wholesale Distributor Pharmacy