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Regulated Professions

The following professions are regulated by the Board of Dentistry.

18VAC60-21-190. General Application Provisions

Dentist 18VAC60-21-210 Qualifications for an unrestricted license
Dental Temporary Permit 18VAC60-21-230.A. Qualifications for a restricted license
Dental Faculty 18VAC60-21-230.B. Qualifications for a restricted license 
Dentist Restricted Permit 18VAC60-21-230.C. Qualifications for a restricted license (foreign dentist license to teach) 
Dentist-Temporary Resident 18VAC60-21-230.D. Qualifications for a restricted license 
Dentist Restricted Volunteer 18VAC60-21-230.E. Qualifications for a restricted license 
Dentist Volunteer Registration 18VAC60-21-230.F. Qualifications for a restricted license 
Moderate Sedation Permit 18VAC60-21-290. Requirements for a moderate sedation permit 
Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia Permit 18VAC60-21-300. Requirements for a deep sedation/general anesthesia permit 
Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon Registration 18VAC60-21-310. Registration of oral and maxillofacial surgeons 
Cosmetic Procedure Certification 18VAC60-21-370. Credentials required for certification 
Mobile Dental Facility/Portable Dental
Operation Registration
18VAC60-21-410. Registration of a mobile dental clinic or portable dental operation 

18VAC60-25-130. General application requirements

Dental Hygienist 18VAC60-25-140. Licensure by examination
18VAC60-25-150. Licensure by credentials 
Dental Hygienist Temporary Permit 18VAC60-25-160.A. Temporary permit 
Dental Hygienist Teacher 18VAC60-25-160.B. Temporary permit (faculty license) 
Dental Hygienist Restricted Volunteer 18VAC60-25-170.A. Voluntary practice 
Dental Hygienist Volunteer Registration 18VAC60-25-170.B. Voluntary practice 

18VAC60-30-115. General application requirements

Dental Assistant II 18VAC60-30-120. Educational requirements for dental assistants II
18VAC60-30-140. Registration by endorsement as a dental assistant II

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