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Continued Competency - Medication Aide

Please review Section B below.

18VAC90-60-100. Renewal or reinstatement of registration.

A. Renewal of registration.

1. Registered medication aides shall renew by the last day of their birth month each year.

2. The medication aide shall complete the renewal notice and submit it with the required fee and an attestation that he has completed continuing education as required by subsection B of this section.

3. Failure to receive the notice for renewal shall not relieve the medication aide of the responsibility for renewing his registration by the expiration date.

4. The registration shall automatically lapse if the medication aide fails to renew by the expiration date.

5. Any person administering medications in an assisted living facility during the time a registration has lapsed shall be considered an illegal practitioner and shall be subject to prosecution under the provisions of § 54.1-3008 of the Code of Virginia.

B. Continuing education required for renewal.

1. In addition to hours of continuing education in direct client care required for employment in an assisted living facility, a medication aide shall have the following:

a. Four hours each year of population-specific training in medication administration in the assisted living facility in which the aide is employed; or

b. A refresher course in medication administration offered by an approved program.

2. A medication aide shall maintain documentation of continuing education for a period of four years following the renewal period for which the records apply.

3. The board shall periodically conduct a random audit of its registrants to determine compliance. A medication aide selected for audit shall provide documentation as evidence of compliance within 30 days of receiving notification of the audit.

4. The board may grant an extension for compliance with continuing education requirements for up to one year, for good cause shown, upon a written request from the registrant prior to the renewal deadline.

C. Reinstatement of registration.

1. An individual whose registration has lapsed for less than one renewal cycle may renew by payment of the renewal fee and late fee and attestation that the individual has completed all required continuing education for the period since his last renewal.

2. An individual whose registration has lapsed for more than one year shall:

a. Apply for reinstatement of registration by submission of a completed application and fee;

b. Provide evidence of completion of all required continuing education for the period since his last renewal, not to exceed eight hours of training in medication administration;

c. Retake the written and practical competency evaluation as required by the board; and

d. Attest that there are no grounds for denial of registration as specified in § 54.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia.

D. A medication aide whose registration has been suspended or revoked by the board may apply for reinstatement by filing a reinstatement application, fulfilling requirements of subsection C of this section, and paying the fee for reinstatement after suspension or revocation. A medication aide whose registration has been revoked may not apply for reinstatement sooner than three years from entry of the order of revocation.

Statutory Authority

§§ 54.1-2400 and 54.1-3005 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Volume 23, Issue 19, eff. July 1, 2007; amended, Virginia Register Volume 24, Issue 03, eff. November 29, 2007; Volume 29, Issue 22, eff. August 15, 2013; Volume 35, Issue 20, eff. July 15, 2019.

Virginia Board of Nursing
Jay P. Douglas, MSM, RN, CSAC, FRE, Executive Director
Cynthia M. Swineford, MSN, RN, CNE, President